Chris Donabedian.

Photography by Blake Little

I’ve been photographing in some way, shape or form since I was almost in high school, starting with a Minolta 35mm Auto Focus.   I had so much fun with that camera.  I was on yearbook photo staff and ended high school with the position of being the yearbook photo editor, thanks to some guidance from Brother Ryan at St. John’s and the financing of my great Aunt Millie who really wanted me to have that camera!

From High School – I decided to explore more photography knowing that I liked black and white photo, but certainly didn’t realize how much of an impact it would be on my life.  I met Neal Rantoul, who’s profound influence couldn’t be quantified then and there, but has had lasting impact for the last 20 years.  Neal was the Head of the Department of Photography at Northeastern University where I received my Bachelors.  I was lucky enough to travel with him to Italy and photograph with him – that gave me the first chance to photograph with a 4x5 press camera that I had been given by the family friends, the Hamels of Auburn, MA.  I used that camera in Europe that summer  - and used it all the way until it’s untimely passing when it fell into the Pacific Ocean from 200 feet in the air on a cliff, luckily – I didn’t go with it.   My parents were kind enough to give me an early graduation present – a new 4x5 Field Camera.  A Zone 6 hand crafted in Newfane, VT.   And more importantly the 135mm Zeiss lens that came with it.   It raised my game to a whole new level.

I photographed vociferously in Black and White – and loved my film use of Infrared when it was made, I remember shooting Iguazu Falls  in Argentina with it – and thinking that was the neatest thing I had ever seen.  Learning how to swing and tilt the 4x5  - how to do reverse Scheimpflug – as Neal called it, got a good laugh and made the images really fun.  College and Grad school in Santa Barbara California at Brooks was really a lot of fun, and was time for me to learn and grow and become the image taker that I have become.

My career has been in IT Management since college, obviously I chose a place where I could make a better income ( to pay for the art I would be creating ) and continue to photograph on vacation and when kicking around southern California or local to the west coast where I reside.  I still travel quite a bit – and this site will give you an idea of what’s caught my eyes, where I have been and where I like to be.  I am a black and white landscape guy trained into the Zone System that Ansel Adams passed down to Neal Rantoul and to me.

Please enjoy the portfolios’

Many thanks to those that have helped me get here , have kept me going, and that continue to support me.